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This kitchen operates 24 hrs a day, by appointment only through yearly contracts and certification. Our Yearly Commissary Fee is $400 and the kitchen rate is $15 an hour and a minimum of 10 hours per month-Paid in advance every month. Let's Eat Fresh will certify your business on a yearly basis with a month to month billing cycle. 

All new clients (without a food truck) pay an initial investment deposit of $1,000 which includes completing your paperwork for applying for the state food permit license. It also includes the yearly commissary fee and your first months kitchen rent. You will receive 40% of this investment back at the end of the full year if you cook every month for that year and are never late on a payment. We offer a 15% discount after exceeding 40 hours per month. There is also a 15% late fee for invoices 30 days paste due.

Reserve your cook time in the kitchen! $15 per hour and a miminum of 10 hours per month. Any business cooking over 40 hours per month will recieve a 15% discount. Cold/Dry storage available at additional cost.

Additional Information

Once obtaining a licence through using Let's Eat Fresh Commissary Kitchen, you will receive a contact that will be active as long as your food licence is active. The minimum 10 hours will be billed at the beginning of the month and additional hours will be billed at the end of the month. The contract becomes void if your food permit goes out of business or if you choose to not renew the food permit license.

Price: $15.00 per Hour


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